It really isn’t hard to understand. Countless hours invested. Heartache over the loss of a prized colony – or colonies. Pouring over the work of others to better understand this hobby we love. All it takes is one look…

Gaze into the glass box. Take it all in – the wonder of it. Colors that will take your breath away. Animals that look like plants. Fish that nearly glow. Activity in every possible place. Relationships that are more complex than we can possibly ever begin to understand – yet beauty that is simple enough to appreciate without a word. The awesome coral reef on a scale that will fit into our living room. Our hobby has made this possible.

Today’s marine aquarist can enjoy the benefit of equipment and supplies that help simplify this amazing hobby. It hasn’t been too long that this has been the case. Species that were considered “impossible” only a decade ago are now routinely kept – even by those just beginning their journey into reef-keeping. We are on the verge of some significant breakthroughs that will take this hobby to a whole new level.